Stewart, A Xerox Company, is uniquely positioned to assist clients of all sizes in all industries.

Our SBS360°™ process is completely scalable and is utilized to help clients better understand their document technology environment by assessing true cost breakdown, asset deployment, and usage patterns as they relate to your document business processes. Whether you are in education or healthcare, a small-to-medium sized business or a major account, our ultimate goal is to support you in being more efficient and more cost effective.


The world of education has been plagued with a daunting question since the beginning of time: how can I provide the best education for my students while staying within the constraints of my budget? Stewart has made it our mission to provide an answer to this question through our document solutions. Our SBS360°™ assessment will review all aspects of your document technology to look for over and underutilized technology, redundant and obsolete devices that impact your financial bottom line. After completing our assessment, we work to co-author a solution with you to improve your school’s technology environment. Our partnerships typically result in solutions that modernize your printing infrastructure, alleviate non-mission critical burdens from your IT staff, all while reducing your costs of operation. This allows you to reallocate funds back to where it matters the most: your students.


The challenges of the healthcare field seem to grow exponentially each year. Between new healthcare laws, the implementation of ICD-10, the conversion to Electronic Medical Records (EMRs), and HIPAA regulations, professionals in the healthcare industry are inundated with policies and procedures that detract from what matters most: providing exceptional patient care. IT feels the burden of these challenges by having to ensure the security of their systems, complying with new regulations, and keeping technology up and running so doctors and nurses can do what they do best. This is where Stewart operates best. Our SBS360°™ assessment reviews all aspects of your document technology and provides a 10,000 foot view of your current printing infrastructure. We then work to co-author a solution with you to improve your existing print environment. Stewart is proud of our healthcare partnerships where we have been able to alleviate non-mission critical burdens from IT staffs, provide solutions to increase patient information security, and standardize the print environment. While the challenges in healthcare continually seem insurmountable, let Stewart do what we do best – provide cost effective solutions while allowing IT to focus on the more critical aspects of their job.


In recent years, the legal industry has been faced with new challenges. While some firms continue to rely on billable hours, other firms are moving to flat rate billing. In either scenario, legal firms are tasked with achieving the highest return on investment to drive both billing policies. In addition, the amount of documentation needed per case remains steady and attorneys and their paralegals spend hours comparing documents. Needless to say, documents can be an unnecessary headache for law firms. Stewart partners with legal firms to assist them with these document challenges. We utilize our SBS360°™ assessment to analyze the entire life cycle of documents and their workflows to help law firms be more efficient with their time, ultimately making these processes more cost effective.


Non-profits and not-for-profits work tirelessly for the benefit of others. Most are challenged with budgetary constraints and a need to increase their monetary donations. In addition, there has been added pressure to maintain financial transparency to their donors. Studies show that non-profits spend 60% of their budgets on administrative costs. Knowing this, Stewart partners with non-profits to perform our complimentary SBS360°™ assessment to analyze current expenses related to the entire life cycle of a document. In doing this, we find ways to reallocate funds back to where it matters most – your missions.

Enterprise/Major Accounts

Enterprise and major accounts have a unique set of challenges. The more employees an organization has, the harder it is to maintain standardization and to control and manage expenses related to documents and their processes. This is Stewart’s core competency. We deploy a team of highly trained specialists to analyze our enterprise clients’ asset deployment, total cost of ownership, and usage patterns as they relate to your document business processes. In doing this, we help identify areas of over or underutilization, obsolete and redundant technology that can be impacting your financial bottom line. This ultimately can alleviate unnecessary burdens from IT, optimize your workflow, manage and control document expenses, and help IT achieve that often unattainable ideal of standardization.


Efficiency is potentially the most important word to the manufacturing industry. From operational efficiency to efficiency with inventory turns, clients in the manufacturing vertical hold benchmarks and metrics for keeping their operation running as efficiently as possible. However, one area that is often overlooked from an efficiency standpoint is document workflow. The manufacturing industry is heavily laden with documents. From regulations, ISO certifications, and daily manufacturing processes, electronic and physical documents are ever present. Document efficiency is Stewart’s core competency. We work with manufacturing clients to understand their current document environments by analyzing the entire lifecycle of documents, from creation to destruction. In doing so, we recognize areas for improvement to ultimately make our clients more efficient and more cost effective.

Small Business

Small and medium sized businesses are constantly challenged with doing more with less. Whether that means having your employees wear several hats by taking on additional responsibilities, or it’s stretching every dollar to make it count, small and medium sized business owners know the value of their time and their expenses. Stewart recognizes this and we make it our mission to make you more efficient and more cost effective with your current technology. The Stewart SBS360°™ approach is scalable, accommodating clients of all sizes, and it allows small-to-medium sized businesses to leverage their current assets, essentially helping you do more with your time and your expenditures.